Alpha 0.0.21

Low Code

For Medium and Large Businesses

Larger businesses have more complex requirements and usually need integrations with various other systems. In many cases team members with formal IT training are needed.

For Web Designers

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For Developers

Over the years there were many visual tools that most developers don't enjoy *, because even if you can get a PoC up an running fast, tweaking, refactoring and maintaining the system in the long was a pain.

But the tools we love and use everyday as productive developers are also visual tools with tons of buttons, menus, options: vscode, Eclipse, IntelliJ/Webstorm, github/gitlab, JIRA, etc.

Why don't we developers hate these tools? Because IDEs just help us navigate and manage the existing layers in our technology stack, they don't try to create a new abstraction layer over the many layers we already have.

FormulaDB Low Code Platform tries to offer the same non-intrusive, lovable, helpful IDE-like experience for developers while also providing a simpler "No Code" experience for non-developers.

The "No Code" mode is less powerful, but its powerful enough so that in most cases business people can satisfy their own requirements using a higher level language: Tables, Formulas (computed columns, validations, rules), Pages. From this perspective FormulaDB is a also a good communication tool making business people and developers speak a common language which is powerful enough to implement a virtually unlimited number of use cases.

Developers will be the maintainers of the platform and formuladb language: tweak theme (CSS/HTML/JS), implement new components and themes to be used in Pages, implement custom functions, provide support with Tables/Formulas/Pages, monitor the system for errors and/or performance issues.

Developers can also implement any custom integrations or advanced custom functionality using the Function as a Service (FaaS) paradigm and/or packaging any custom or legacy application as docker containers and deploy them inside FormulaDB platform.

For DevOps Engineers

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For System Administrators

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For IT Managers

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